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INS for cut in newsprint consumption by publishers

The Indian Newspaper Society (INS) has asked its members to reduce use of newsprint by at least 20 per cent in their publications in order to meet the challenges of "extraordinary and uncalled for" rise in indigenous newsprint prices, the Press Trust of India (PTI) has reported.

In an advisory to INS members, its President Bahubali Shah said the only way to curb the tendency towards cartelisation and to normalise the situation was "to act in concert in reducing our newsprint consumption by 20 per cent, through such steps as may be convenient to individual members".

Shah and Chairman of Newsprint INS held intensive consultations Thursday with a number of publisher members on measures to meet the challenges of rise in indigenous newsprint prices over the past few months.

Observing that the root of the problem appeared to be the current difficulties in imports on account of freight increases and transport bottlenecks, Shah said "this situation is being used to reap windfall gains through a tendency among some local manufacturers to cartelize and ask for unreasonable price increases".

"This is indeed upsetting, because all of us have nurtured the indigenous newsprint industry by ensuring use of local newsprint despite quality problems in terms of productivity, wastage and runnability in the printing machines," he said.

Date posted: July 26, 2008 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 357