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June 9, 2011

Justice served in Chauncey Bailey murder trial

Justice has been served in the case of murdered journalist Chauncey Bailey. On June 9, an Alameda County jury convicted Yusuf Bey IV and his accomplice Antoine Mackey, both 25, of the murder of journalist Chauncey Bailey on August 2, 2007. Mackey and Bey IV had pleaded not guilty to all charges. The jury started deliberating on May 23. Bailey, 57, was shot to death as he walked to his job at the Oakland Post . He was working on a story about the financial turmoil and other issues surrounding... MORE
April 27, 2011

US: Court decision ordering new sentencing for Mumia Abu-Jamal seen as small victory

A federal appeals court in Philadelphia Tuesday ordered a new sentencing hearing for Afro-American journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal , who has been under sentence of death since 1982 for the fatal shooting of a policeman. The court gave the state of Pennsylvania six months to select a jury and hold the hearing, or otherwise agree to a life sentence. The ruling increases hopes that the almost 30 years that Mumia Abu-Jamal has spent on death row may soon come to an end. However, the jury will only be... MORE
April 26, 2011

WikiLeaks revelations about Al-Jazeera cameraman’s detention in Guantanamo

A leaked US defence department cable released Monday by WikiLeaks reveals that part of the US government’s motive for holding Sudanese cameraman Sami Al-Haj for six years at its Guantanamo Bay prison camp was the information he could provide about his employer, the Qatar-based satellite TV station Al-Jazeera. Arrested by Pakistani security forces on the Afghan-Pakistani border in December 2001, Al-Haj was handed over to the US military a month later and was transferred to Guantanamo Bay on June... MORE
April 10, 2011

US TV journalists accused of being FBI moles

Cuba's not the only one accusing journalists of being moles for U.S. intelligence. Investigations of FBI memos indicate journalists from ABC News and Fox News broke the sacred bonds of the reporter-confidential source relationship, acting as informants for the FBI in the 1990s. The Center for Public Integrity (CPI) revealed earlier this week that a senior ABC News journalist was treated as a "potential confidential informant" for the FBI during the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing in... MORE
April 6, 2011

Libya drives the news in US as American concerns grow

The two big international stories that have recently dominated the headlines remained at the top of the US news agenda last week. But there were signs that media attention to both of them was beginning to plateau as the US economy re-emerged as a bigger story. Unrest in the Middle East, driven by the volatile Libyan civil war, accounted for 38 per cent of the newshole during the week of March 28-April 3, according to the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. Even with... MORE
March 25, 2011

Center for Public Integrity to launch daily investigative newspaper

The Centre for Public Integrity is launching a daily digital investigative newspaper that will go live in about a month. The new product, likely to be called iWatch or Integrity Watch, will feature 10-20 original investigative stories per day about corruption, political ethics, corporate accountability, “truth watching,” and waste, fraud and abuse. Excerpts: [ Link ] The nonprofit Centre for Public Integrity will sell sponsorship ads and $50 per year e-reader subscriptions, which will count as... MORE
March 24, 2011

Crowdfunded photojournalism platform receives USD 21K from ‘backers’

A new platform for crowdfunded photojournalism which aims to build a community around projects has received more than USD 20,000 in backing, just over a week since it went live, according to Some details: [ Link ] works by inviting story proposals and an expenses budget estimate from professional photojournalists, to be reviewed by a board of advisers working against a set list of criteria. Individuals can then make a contribution to approved projects, giving them... MORE
March 18, 2011

Associated Press settles dispute over Obama 'Hope' image

Disputes over the use of an Associated Press photograph of Barack Obama were reported to have reached a final resolution this week, as a settlement was announced between the agency and clothing firm Obey Clothing. AP and Obey Clothing, an apparel company and exclusive licensee of Shepard Fairey, agreed to settle their high-profile copyright infringement lawsuit over Obey Clothing’s sale and distribution of apparel and other merchandise bearing the image of Barack Obama in the 2008 Obama Hope... MORE
March 17, 2011

Newspaper ads in US sagged to a 25-year low in 2010

Newspaper advertising in the U.S. has sunk to a 25-year low as marketing budgets followed readers to the Internet, where advertising is far cheaper than what publishers have been able to command in print, the Associated Press (AP) has reported. Advertisers spent $25.8 billion on newspapers' print and digital editions last year, according to figures released Tuesday by the Newspaper Association of America. That's the lowest amount since 1985 when total newspaper advertising stood at $25.2... MORE
March 17, 2011

Washington Post suspends reporter for plagiarising stories on Tucson shooting

The Washington Post suspended one of its most seasoned reporters Wednesday after editors determined that “substantial” parts of two recent news articles were taken without attribution from another newspaper. Sari Horwitz , a longtime Post investigative reporter, was suspended for three months for plagiarizing sections of stories that first appeared in the Arizona Republic . The stories concerned the investigation of and legal proceedings for Jared Lee Loughner, the Arizona man accused of... MORE