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Center for Public Integrity to launch daily investigative newspaper

The Centre for Public Integrity is launching a daily digital investigative newspaper that will go live in about a month. The new product, likely to be called iWatch or Integrity Watch, will feature 10-20 original investigative stories per day about corruption, political ethics, corporate accountability, “truth watching,” and waste, fraud and abuse.

Excerpts: [Link]

The nonprofit Centre for Public Integrity will sell sponsorship ads and $50 per year e-reader subscriptions, which will count as tax-deductible donations. The product is part of a major new initiative for the center to diversify its revenue stream to include more earned income, in addition to philanthropic awards. It’s a strategic move, given the increased competition for grant money from the slew of nonprofit investigative outfits that have cropped up around the country in recent years, such as New York-based ProPublica and D.C.-based Investigative Reporting Workshop, which is affiliated with American University.

Huffington Post, which merged its investigative unit into the center last fall, will help promote the paper through its website. Arianna Huffington, who is on the center's board, also will lend her star power to the center's membership drive.

Date posted: March 25, 2011 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 82