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ARCHIVES: International

June 1, 2002

Does Size Matter?

Chances are you won't bother to read this article. It is just one long block of text, after all, unbroken by alluring pictures, snappy captions, or eye-grabbing infographics. You can't click it. You can't flip it. All you can do is read it. And reading a full magazine article – as opposed to scanning, perusing, surfing – is so twentieth century, so retirement home, so William Shawn. Hal Espen, the editor of Outside, has gone even further, promising free beer and bikinis to anyone with actual... MORE
April 1, 2000

Journalism's Prize Culture

IT BEGINS SLOWLY IN October and November and picks up steam in December. At newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations across the country, a designated person begins tracking down answers to a series of questions. Are the rules the same as last year? Is the deadline the same? Any new categories? Is the prize still $1,000, or has it gone up? By January, life becomes insane. Twelve-hour days, working weekends, hiring temporary employees to help with staggering amounts of paperwork. News... MORE