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ARCHIVES: Indonesia

December 18, 2007

Defamation cases obstruct press freedom in Indonesia

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has announced it support for the ”Stop Criminalisation of the Press” campaign by its local affiliate in the Philippines, the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), after two incidents involving criminal charges against journalists resurfaced this month. Risang Bima Wijaya, a journalist and former general manager of Radar Yogya Daily, was detained by Bangkalan Madura Resort police on December 9 and taken to the Sleman prosectuor’s office... MORE
November 17, 2007

Death of Balibo Five was premeditated war crime by Indonesian armymen

An inquest report has established with great detail that the Indonesian army was responsible for the death of five British, Australian and New Zealander journalists in East Timor in 1975. The report clearly shows they were eliminated because they too much about Indonesia’s invasion of East Timor, which was just getting under way. “The detailed and courageous inquest conducted by Dorelle Pinch shows that Indonesian army officers, including former special forces captain Yunus Yosfiah, are war... MORE
September 11, 2007

Indonesia court orders Time Asia to pay former dictator $100 million in damages

Indonesia's supreme court has ordered Time Asia to pay former President Suharto 1 billion rupees (106 million dollars) in damages for a 1999 cover story accusing him of corruption. A spokesman for the court said it concluded that the story in Time’s Asia edition had damaged the former dictator’s "reputation and honour." Time Asia’s Indonesian lawyer, Todung Mulya Lubis, Tuesday said he would try to get the ruling overturned. A spokesman for the supreme court meanwhile confirmed to foreign... MORE
April 5, 2007

'Playboy Indonesia' cleared cleared of indecency charges

An Indonesian court has cleared Playboy Indonesia's editor-in-chief of distributing indecent pictures to the public and making money from them after a high-profile trial that exposed deep divisions in the Muslim-majority nation A group of Indonesian hardliner Muslims shout slogan after trial of editor-in-chief of Playboy Indonesia Erwin Arnada, Thursday, April 5, 2007, in Jakarta Indonesia. Playboy Indonesia's editor-in-chief did not violate indecency laws in the world's most populous Muslim... MORE
March 2, 2007

Warrant for arrest of former Indonesian army officer

Reporters Without Borders has hailed the warrant issued on 1 March 2007 by Sydney coroner Dorelle Pinch for the arrest of Yunus Yosfiah, the former Indonesian army officer who led the attack on the East Timor border town of Balibo on 16 October 1975 in which five journalists working for two Australian TV stations were killed. "We applaud Dorelle Pinch's efforts and determination to end the silence and impunity that have surrounded this case for the last 30 years," Reporters Without Borders said... MORE
February 14, 2007

Witnesses describe how Indonesian troops covered up murder of "Balibo Five"

In two more days of testimony on 9 and 12 February 2007 to a coroner's court in Glebe, Sydney, witnesses provided more details about the circumstances in which cameraman Brian Peters and four other journalist working for Australian TV stations died in the East Timor border village of Balibo on 16 October 1975. A former fighter with the Fretilin guerrillas, who was 16 at the time, confirmed on 9 February that the fighting had stopped before the Indonesian army entered Balibo. After exchanging... MORE
February 6, 2007

Indonesian armymen shot Australian journalists in cold blood

Indonesian soldiers shot dead five Australia-based journalists even as they were surrendering at the town of Balibo in East Timor in 1975. An inquest into the death of one of the five Australia-based journalists, Brian Peters, began in Sydney on Monday, more than 30 years after his death on the then Indonesian-occupied island. An East Timorese eyewitness told a Sydney inquest Monday he saw four of the Balibo Five journalists raise their hands in surrender before they were gunned down by... MORE
December 19, 2006

"Time for justice" 30 years after deaths of Balibo five journalists in East Timor

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) supports calls from Australian affiliate, the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (the Alliance), for full cooperation in an upcoming coroner's inquest into the deaths of five journalists, dubbed the Balibo five, who were killed in 1975 in the East Timorese town of Balibo while covering the Indonesian invasion. According to recent Australian newspaper reports, previously suppressed testimony will be heard in February 2007 at the three week... MORE
September 8, 2006

Prostitution in Indonesia just a newspaper away

Jakarta - In Indonesia, newspaper readers who are tired of daily politics and endless domestic problems sometimes skip the headlines that makes them frown and turn to the classified advertisements. It is both shocking and amusing. 'Would you like a second honeymoon? Call me, Rosita, a sweet and aggressive woman, sexy, bra size 36C, able to cure premature ejaculation, great service, 250 thousand rupiah (about 30 dollars), for hotel and motel only,' read an advertisement in Rakyat Merdeka daily,... MORE
November 30, 2005

UK, Australia hushed up murder of journos by Indonesian troops

The Australian and British governments colluded to cover up the killing of five Australian-based journalists in East Timor in 1975, new documents have revealed. Five television journalists – Greg Shackleton, Gary Cunningham, Tony Stewart, Malcolm Rennie and Brian Peters – were killed while covering Indonesia's invasion of East Timor. LAST SHOT: The word "Australia" and an Australian flag painted by Greg Shackleton on a Balibo house where he and other four journalists stayed during their last... MORE