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Richa Desai


December 13, 2008

Impunity plummets to a new low as Ingushetia court says custodial death is not murder

If state impunity itself over the scores of unsolved murder cases of journalists in Russia was not enough, press freedom groups now have to even prove that the killings were indeed murders. The death of Magomed Yevloyev, who succumbed to injuries in hospital after being shot on the temple while in police custody on August 31, had evoked criticism against the government and the police from opposition parties and human rights groups around the world. Yevloyev’s family did not buy the explanation... MORE
December 8, 2008

Council of Europe criticised for adopting "second-rate" treaty on access to information

The Council of Europe’s decision to adopt a treaty on access to information has created more ire than evoking support because of its "incomplete" and "unsupportive" status. Without discussing issues pointed out by members of parliament, over 250 civil society groups, a dozen European information commissioners and several governments—the secretive approach of Council of Europe (CoE) has raised suspicion about its transparency. The treaty, the Convention on Access to Official Documents, was... MORE
December 5, 2008

Draft amendments to Kazakh laws a small step forward, but offer no path to real change

The Kazakh government's human rights record, including free speech issues, is inconsistent with standards embraced by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), whose chairmanship the former is to take over in 2010. This, says Human rights Watch, risks undermining the integrity of the institution's human rights principles. One of the key problem areas is the government's rigid approach towards media, says HRW in a 55-page report 'An Atmosphere of Quiet Repression: Freedom... MORE
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