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Disha Gadhiya


February 7, 2009

Mumbai Roundup: More dailies, less credibility; more job opportunities, less in-depth stories

It was about 40 months ago a number of newspaper launches in Mumbai appeared to pose a stiff challenge to the then 167-year dominance of the Times of India . With well thought out marketing campaigns and high production values, two big names— Hindustan Times and Daily News & analysis (DNA)—followed by many others stormed the city. This growing number of dailies has led to remarkable changes in the newspaper space and readership numbers in Mumbai. From having only one leading newspaper... MORE
December 13, 2008

As slowdown goes Down Under, heads begin to roll in Australian newspaper industry

Heads have begun to roll in the Australian media industry with the chief executive of FairFax Media Limited, David Kirk, putting in his papers last week. Kirk left the 120-year old media giant after serving three years in the organisation that is currently facing a shrinking advertising revenue and a collapsing share price in the face of a severe economic meltdown. Kirk’s resignation came as a rude blow to the Australia’s oldest newspaper company that has already witnessed the exit of Alan... MORE
December 8, 2008

If anything, 'war on terror' has only adversely affected freedom of expression in Europe

The ‘war on terror’ in Europe has seriously affected freedom of expression while providing little benefit in fighting terrorism. The last seven years have seen many policy and legislative changes in several nations which have threatened journalists' ability to gather and disseminate information. Since 2001, nearly all European countries have revised their legislation and policies relating to fighting terrorism. However, journalists are increasingly under pressure with detentions, shutting down... MORE
December 6, 2008

As the high voltage drama raged on in Mumbai, they became hooked to terror, 24/7

Within minutes of the first shots being fired at the CST railway station, commenced a non-stop television coverage of the 62-hour high voltage drama in Mumbai that shocked the world. Reporters flooded the four conflict zones, and developments were telecast as they unfolded. As people stayed glued to television sets, the gunbattles, the deaths, the widespread public anger made the Mumbai terror attacks the biggest thing ever to have been witnessed in Indian televison history. At least, in terms... MORE
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