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In this fast urbanising world, Citiscope spurs innovations to help cities work better for all of their people through the power of independent journalism.

The majority of the world’s peoples now live in cities, yet there’s relatively light coverage of urban experiments and breakthroughs — how cities are inventing new ways to cope with such challenges as climate change, poverty, congestion and environmental quality.

Today’s global media, for all its diversity and assets, suffers clear market failure on issues of immense concern to city builders and reformers everywhere. The prevailing focus, in print and broadcast, is on politics, central governments’ policies, personalities, and disasters. Digital media are picking up some of the slack, but long-term, focused coverage is still insufficient.

Citiscope seeks to fill some of the gap and act as a conduit of experimentation to public officials, administrators, and decision-makers of cities worldwide. We also aim to serve the broader world of problem solvers and change-makers in business, nonprofits, academia, neighborhoods, foundations and the media — anyone sharing a stake in the urban future.

Issue: July 6, 2015

Media has decided that readers find global-level discussions to be boring

One of the most vexing problems with the multilateral system is the chronic lack of broad public interaction that tends to characterise discussion and debate at the United Nations and elsewhere. While efforts at “stakeholder input” do irrefutably important work, they are rarely able to bring to the table truly broad public input — even when the issues under negotiation could eventually have wide and long-lasting impact. Part of the problem, certainly, is that the media at both the national and... MORE
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