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UK: ABC merges print and online operations

The Audit Bureau of Circulations has decided to move with the times.

The Audit Bureau of Circulations in the UK is reorganising its ABC print and ABCe digital elements into a single organisational strand to better reflect the changing shape of the publishing industry, the Press Gazette has reported. The change won't affect the way figures are presented. The national press will continue to have separate auditing of print and online audience figures for instance.

Excerpts: [Link]

However, in a separate move - from August magazine publishers will be able to have print and online figures published on the same ABC certificate. The newspaper industry has yet to agree this change. ABC said print remained its bedrock but it now made 30 per cent of its revenue auditing digital publications, therefore integrating its two distinct strands would “better complement and serve” the industry’s increasingly multi-platform needs.

ABC said the decision to reorganise into a single organisation comes after 12 months of planning – it will also lead to a relaunch of its website. Jerry Wright, chief executive of ABC and president of IFABC, said: “As the media industry has developed with increasing emphasis on digital media, so have we. ABC’s re-organisation will further integrate our expertise across print and digital disciplines, making it easier for our clients to do business with us.”

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