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Washington Post announces personalized news aggregation site

The Washington Post announced Friday it will launch Trove, a site that aggregates news and enables users to personalize their news stream based on their interests. The site, which is currently in private beta, is expected to launch in March, according to

The details: [Link]

The announcement highlights a trend among news publishers looking to personalize news consumption based on social connections and topical interests. Trove combines aggregated stories picked by editors, along with the ability for users to select from “channels” they are interested in, through a simple on-boarding process that asks the reader, “What do you care about?”

The homepage presents these two content types side by side, fulfilling the readers’ need for serendipitous discovery of content as well as feeding their want for content they are interested in. It’s aiming to achieve the balance between news that editors think you should know about versus the news you want to know about.

Of course, the service also integrates social conversation. In the sign-up process, users connect their Facebook accounts, which enables them to then view the conversations taking places around stories in the channels they’ve selected. It also uses your Facebook profile to determine content you might be interested in based on what you’ve selected in the interests of your Facebook profile.

Date posted: February 15, 2011 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 116