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Yemen protests coverage: Violence against journalists continues

Spectators: Yemenis stand in front of a shop as they watch anti-government protesters during a demonstration in Sanaa February 23, 2011. Unrest in several regions of Yemen, prompted by the fall of the Tunisian president and the subsequent toppling of Mubarak, has killed 12 people since Thursday.

The violence against journalists has been continuing in Yemen.

In one of the latest incidents, security forces assaulted Zaki Saqladi, a correspondent of the news website AlmasdarOnline, Tuesday in the southern province of Ad-Dali, confiscating his car and his camera, according to Paris-based press freedom group Reporters sans Frontières (RSF).

Swiss Info correspondent Abdel-Karim Salam was the victim of a particularly violent attack while covering a sit-in outside Sana'a university on February 20 and had to be hospitalised.

Eighteen employees of Al-Yaqeen, an independent newspaper based in Aden, were arbitrarily arrested on February 18 and taken to the Aden governorate security headquarters. Editor Abdullah Masleh said the arrests were carried out by a special unit assigned to combating piracy and banditry. The newspaper had given the recent demonstrations a lot of coverage, naming people who had been killed or injured. It also published interviews with the head of the Socialist Party parliamentary group and a political scientist, who discussed the possibility of the Egyptian revolution spreading to Yemen. This is the second arrest of a large number of journalists in a month. Fifteen were arbitrarily arrested at the end of January.

On February 18, a group of ruling party supporters attacked Hamoud Munser, the head of the Sana'a bureau of the Dubai-based satellite TV station Al-Arabiya, and an Al-Arabiya cameraman, who was hospitalised. Awsan Al-Qaatabi, the correspondent of Iran’s Al-Alam TV, and Qatar TV cameraman Yasser Al-Maamari were also attacked while covering a demonstration in the Sana'a district known as Kentucky.

Bushra Al-Maqtari, a freelancer who works for the Marebpress website, was injured by fragments of a grenade thrown by ruling party supporters in the southern city of Taez on February 18. She was covering a sit-in by demonstrators on a square they have dubbed “Liberation Square” in honour of the Egyptian uprising. Tom Finn, a reporter for the London-based Guardian newspaper, was attacked on February 17 by a group of men armed with sticks, who tried to take his camera.

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