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Govt mulling over a Broadcasting Authority of India

The government is mulling over the formation of a Broadcasting Authority of India, which would address broadcast related issues, agencies have reported.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Ambika Soni said that, "While content regulation is a subject on which the government has been holding discussions with broadcasters, we are looking at setting up an authority for addressing issues related to broadcasting... like the roll-out of third phase of FM radio stations, FDI in the broadcasting sector and the proposed amendments to be effected in the Press and Registration of Books (PRB) Act 1867".

Soni said the authority could be named Broadcasting Authority of India. "We have already held discussions with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on setting up the Authority," she added.

Date posted: May 3, 2010 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 119