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Print advertising melts down in November

Newspapers’advertising volume drops 60 per cent in the first week of November, says a Business Standard report. If AdEX data on advertising volume between 1st and 7th November is any indication, print media advertising (in column cms) has fallen by a dramatic 60 per cent from its peak during the Diwali week.

The daily reported: [Link]

LV Krishnan, CEO of TAM Media that owns the advertising monitoring division AdEX, declines to share figures for the rest of the month as he claims the data is still being collated. “Whether print media volumes further declined, remained the same or improved will be known only after the research is over by November-end,” says Krishnan.

According to AdEX, which monitors nearly 800 newspapers in the country, the column centimeter space used by advertisers in the first week of this month was even lower than what they used during the shradh period in September. From a high of 5.2 million column cm, the print volume dipped to 2.1 million column cm in the first week of November. This is lower than the 2.9 million column cm that AdEX registered between 14 September and 20 September this year.

AdEx does not monitor advertising spends in value terms but the research offers insights into how different product categories have curtailed their advertising. Compared to October (first week) 2008, advertising by independent retailers and real estate companies dipped 73 per cent and 67 per cent respectively in the first week of November.

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