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Iraq's Kurdistan passes softer media law

Iraq's largely autonomous northern Kurdistan region has passed a modified media law aimed at protecting journalists' rights, abolishing jail terms for offences such as defamation, Reuters has reported quoting parliamentary deputies.

An earlier version of the law passed by parliament last December carried tough sanctions for journalists including imprisonment, fines of up to 10 million Iraqi dinar ($8,400) and the closure of publications. After a widespread public outcry, the president of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masoud Barzani, rejected the law and sent it back to parliament.

The new law excluded jail sentences for journalists carrying out their duties and reduced fines that could be levied. "Even the item that closed a newspaper was deleted," Qadir Saeed, a legislator, told Reuters. The law was passed late on Monday. Kurdistan enjoys good security in comparison with other parts of Iraq.

Date posted: September 24, 2008 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 394