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March 15, 2005

Express gets award for Gujarat expose

The Indian Express Senior Reporter Stavan Desai has won the PoleStar Award 2004 in the Best Breaking News category for his exclusive report, ‘Three Years Later, When Cellphones ring: Who Spoke to Whom When Gujarat was Burning.’ Desai, 27, investigated over 5 lakh entries of cellphone calls in two compact discs to write one of the most chilling post-riot stories in Gujarat. The two CDs, which have been lying with the Gujarat police and are now with Nanavati Commission, contain records of all... MORE
February 15, 2005

Blog awards: Like blogs, they're diverse, global and freewheeling

In 2001, a Seattle woman named Zannah won the "Weblog of the Year" Bloggie award for her blog titled, "#!/usr/bin/girl." In late 2004, the high-profile political blog Powerline was named Time Magazine's Blog of the Year for raising questions about the Bush National Guard story on "60 Minutes II." In the space of a few years, Weblogs have gone from the province of chatty geeks into mainstream culture and political thought. But the way awards are bestowed on the best blogs remains a strange brew... MORE
September 3, 2004

IFJ announces South Asian winners of its journalism prize

Two journalist from India and one from Sri Lanka are the winners of the 2004 Journalism for Tolerance Prize for South Asia, awarded by the International Federation of Journalists. The prize, supported by the European Commission, was created to promote tolerance, combat racism and discrimination and contribute to an understanding of cultural, religious and ethnic differences. Winners are selected in Latin America, Central and West Africa, East and Southern Africa, South and Southeast Asia. Cash... MORE
April 1, 2000

Journalism's Prize Culture

IT BEGINS SLOWLY IN October and November and picks up steam in December. At newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations across the country, a designated person begins tracking down answers to a series of questions. Are the rules the same as last year? Is the deadline the same? Any new categories? Is the prize still $1,000, or has it gone up? By January, life becomes insane. Twelve-hour days, working weekends, hiring temporary employees to help with staggering amounts of paperwork. News... MORE