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March 10, 1999

Journalist detained under National Security Act in Assam

CPJ is deeply disturbed by reports that Naresh Kumar Kalita, news editor of the Assamese-language newspaper "Agradoot," is now being detained under the National Security Act (NSA), which allows for preventive detention without trial. **Updates IFEX alerts of 25 February and 11 February 1999; for background on the Ajit Bhuyan case see IFEX alerts of 3 March 1998 and 23 October 1997** The Kamrup district magistrate issued the order to book Kalita under the NSA on 4 March 1999, according to the... MORE
February 25, 1999

Assamese journalist still imprisoned

CPJ is deeply concerned over the prolonged detention of Naresh Kumar Kalita, news editor of the Assamese language newspaper "Agradoot." On 25 February 1999, Guwahati's High Court rejected Kalita's bail petition for the second time in two weeks. Police arrested the journalist at his home in Guwahati in the early morning hours of 10 February. They searched the premises for about three hours before taking him into custody. Authorities have stated that they recovered weapons and ammunition from... MORE
February 11, 1999

Three journalists arrested in Assam

RSF is protesting the arrests of three senior journalists in the state of Assam. According to RSF's information, on 10 February 1999, Naresh Kalita, news editor of the vernacular daily "Agradoot", was arrested by the police on charges of aiding and abetting separatist militants. A police statement said that he was jailed after the confessions of a militant of the United Liberation Front of Assom (ULFA) and that a Sten gun magazine, pistol cartridges and incriminating documents were found in his... MORE
February 10, 1999

Indian journalist’s murder sparks international concern

The World Association of Newspapers has asked the Indian government to ensure a quick and thorough investigation into the murder of Indian journalist Shivani Bhatnagar, a member of the special investigations team at the Indian Express newspaper. WAN, which represents more than 15,000 newspapers worldwide, expressed serious concern at the murder and its apparent link to Mrs. Bhatnagar’s reporting activities. “We respectfully but strongly urge you to ensure that this crime is thoroughly... MORE
January 20, 1999

CPJ protests murder of Indian journalist

CPJ is expressing its deep dismay over the brutal murder of Shivani Bhatnagar, special correspondent for the prestigious English-language daily newspaper “The Indian Express”. On 23 January 1999, unknown assailants entered Bhatnagar’s East Delhi apartment, strangled her with a length of wire, and then stabbed her in the neck and abdomen with kitchen knives. Bhatnagar had been at home alone with her three-month old son, Tanmay, who was not harmed. The post-mortem report, prepared at the All... MORE
October 27, 1998

Two journalists in Assam receive death threats

RSF is expressing concern further to death threats received by two Assamese journalists. According to RSF's information, in its 23 October 1998 issue, the daily "Amar Asom" said that two senior journalists of the newspaper were threatened with death by a former separatist militant after they enquired about his involvement with the police in an attack on a local businessman. The article said that, after learning the names of the two journalists from a police sub-inspector in Guwahati, the... MORE
October 21, 1998

Two journalists assaulted in Arunachal Pradesh

RSF is protesting an assault on two journalists in north-east India. According to RSF's information, on 17 October 1998, Pradeep Behera, a senior journalist with the English-language daily "Arunachal Times", was assaulted by six unidentified persons armed with lethal weapons who entered his home in the state of Arunachal Pradesh. He is in hospital suffering from chest, head and leg injuries. It seems that the attack followed the publication of critical articles on social issues. Meanwhile, in... MORE
October 6, 1998

New press censorship by government of Manipur

RSF is protesting the new press censorship decided by the Manipur government. According to RSF, during the first week of October 1998, the government of the state of Manipur (northern India) ordered the local media not to publish or distribute statements by the separatist guerillas. The government's directive says that any newspaper which violates the order will be "severely punished under the rule of law." There is apprehension among local journalists that those who do not respect the... MORE
July 23, 1998

Editor assaulted in Assam

According to CPJ, on 18 July 1998, Assamese editor Ajit Kumar Bhuyan was assaulted by armed men. Bhuyan was threatened, his residence ransacked, and his family terrorized by the incident, which is the latest in a series of arrests and threats made against Bhuyan in recent years. Bhuyan, the editor of the Assamese-language weekly newspaper "Natun Samoy", was at home with his family in Guwahati on Saturday, 18 July 1998, at around 8:45 p.m. (local time), when a group of about 20 armed men in... MORE
July 17, 1998

Two journalists assaulted by forces in Manipur

According to information made available by RSF on 17 July 1998, on 12 July 1998, Puyam Theiba, a reporter for the local newspaper "Panthungfam", was assaulted and injured by army soldiers in the state of Manipur when they raided his house. They claimed that the journalist was involved in anti-Indian activities. Meanwhile, at Nalbari, in the state of Assam, Arup Kumar Sarma, editor of the magazine "Chitranjalee", was also assaulted by soldiers. They left quickly and gave no explanation for their... MORE