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Arrests of journalists continue in Bahrain

Haider Mohamed Al-Noaimi, a blogger and journalist who works for various media including the opposition newspaper Al-Wasat, was arrested by about 30 men who came to his home on the evening of April 24 and confiscated his computer and cameras before taking him away. They reportedly hit him during the raid. His Facebook profile, where he posted his articles, has been blocked since April 3. Another Al-Wasat journalist, Nada Al-Wadi, was detained and questioned for around 10 hours on April 20.

Ahmed Yousif Al-Dairy, a netizen who has been detained with his two sons since April 1, has apparently not been getting the treatment he needs for his diabetes. His lawyers have not been able to see him and the authorities continue to say nothing about the case. Like Zakariya Rashid Hassan, who died in detention on April 9 after being tortured, he was one of the moderators of the forum Aldair ( His family fears he may have suffered the same fate.

Date posted: April 27, 2011 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 99