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Tally of cases of abuses against journalists in Egypt

Attack on news: Activists of Reporters sans frontieres demonstrate in front of the Egyptian embassy on February 4, 2011 in Paris. The picture held by activists shows Associated press photographer Khalil Hamra.

Paris-based press freedom group Reporters sans Frontières (RSF) has posted a provisional tally of cases of abuses against journalists and media since the start of the violence on February 2, above all in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. The tally is far from final or definitive. Additional cases keep on being reported and it is very difficult to compile a comprehensive inventory of the situation. It will be updated as information is received.

Nonetheless, the tally already gives a picture of the incredible scope of the campaign of hate and violence unleashed against the international media. Few news organisations have been spared. Almost every journalist in Cairo seems to have been the victim of an incident.

Some requested anonymity for fear of reprisals,

  • 1 journalist dead: Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud from Al-Ahram
  • Journalists attacked but not detained : 79
  • Journalists detained for at least 2 hours : 76
  • Case of material harmed and media offices closed : 25
  • Media the most targeted : Al Jazeera with 3 reporters attacked and 4 detained (all released) + office trashed.
  • Countries with the most harassed journalists in Egypt : US (29 + a VOA team) France (18) Poland (9) Qatar (7 - all Al Jazeera)
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