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New bomb attack on home of radio journalist in Kosovo

The South East Europe Media Organisation (SEEMO) has condemned the second bomb attack at the house of Caslav Milisavljevic, editor-in-chief of Radio Kosovska Mitrovica, in the Kosovo municipality of Zvecan.

According to information received by SEEMO, during the early morning hours of September 27, an explosive device was thrown in the courtyard of Milisavljevic's house. During this attack, the car of Milisavljevic's son, which was parked in front of the house, was completely burned. Fortunately, family members in the house at the time remained unhurt. The attack has been reported to the police but the alleged perpetrators remain at large.

This is not the first time Milisavljevic's house has come under attack. In the early morning of July 20 his house was attacked, causing damage to three cars which were parked in the street. The alleged perpetrators of this attack are still unknown.

"SEEMO strongly condemns the bomb attack on Milisavljevic and is very alarmed that within a short time frame such an attack occurred again. SEEMO urges the local authorities to do everything in their power to step up their investigation into the two bomb attacks, to provide police protection to Milisavljevic and his family, and to prevent such incidents from happening in the future", SEEMO Secretary General Oliver Vujovic said.

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