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Journalist gunned down in capital of Dagestan

Violent area: A blown up vehicle is seen after an explosion and gun attack on repairmen about 80 kilometers south of the provincial capital Makhachkala, in Dagestan, Thursday, May 13. 2010. Five repairmen on their way to fix a cell phone tower in Russia's violent southern province of Dagestan were killed Thursday in an explosion and subsequent gun attack.Photo: Associated Press / Daylife

Magomedvagif Sultanmagomedov, a Muslim scholar who was the head of Makhachkala TV and the Nurul Irshad (Light of Truth) publishing house in Dagestan in the Russian Caucasus was murdered on August 11, according to delayed reports.

Sultanmagomedov was fatally injured when unidentified gunmen fired on him as he was driving his car in the centre of Makhachkala, Dagestan’s capital, and died a few hours later in a hospital, according to Paris-based press freedom group Reporters sans Frontières (RSF).

Colleagues believe that his murder was the result of his journalistic activities. Human rights activists have raised their concerns with the judicial authorities. Like them, RSF is hoping that the authorities will do everything they can to identify the killers.

According to the information obtained by RSF, Sultanmagomedov had opposed Wahabi-inspired Islamic groups like the previous head of Makhachkala TV, Abdullah Alishayev, who was gunned down on September 2, 2008.

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