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China's press administration voices support for media supervision after journalist listed as wanted

China's press administration voices support for media supervision
Qiu published reports in June detailing alleged improprieties such as insider trading by a major battery manufacturer based in Zhejiang. The company, Kan Specialty Material Co Ltd , based in Suichang and listed on the stock exchange of Shenzhen in southern China, denied the charges and accused Qiu of slander, initiating the police action.

China's General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) has voiced its support for journalists' rights of supervision after police in an east China county wrongly issued an arrest warrant for a journalist, official news agency Xinhua has reported.

"News organisations have the right to know, interview, cover, criticise and monitor events regarding national and public interests. Journalistic activities by news organisations and their reporters are protected by law," read a statement posted on the GAPP's website.

The statement came after police of Suichang County in Zhejiang Province canceled a warrant for Qiu Ziming, a reporter of the Economic Observer News, who was accused of defamation by a publicly-listed company.

Qiu had previously been wanted by the police of Suichang after Zhejiang Kan Specialty Material Co Ltd accused him of defaming the company with fabricated stories.

However, police of Lishui City, which administers Suichang, ordered the county's public security bureau to cancel the warrant for Qiu after a review found the warrant failed to meet statutory requirements. Police officials said earlier Friday that the investigation into allegations of defamation against Qiu and his newspaper would continue.

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