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Croat journalist escapes murder attempt

A high-profile Croatian journalist has narrowly escaped an apparent murder attempt. Ivo Pukanic, the owner the Nacional weekly, was walking to his home just before midnight on April 10 when a man approached him and fired once from a gun with a silencer, the website has reported. Pukanic quickly reacted and the bullet missed.

The attacker tried to fire again but the gun failed to work enabling Pukanic to run away.

Some details:

Croatian police are treating the shooting as attempted murder and have started a search for the suspect, news portal reported.

Media said as the attacker then ran away, Punkanic drew his own licensed gun while on the run and yelled at the escaping attacker to stop “or I will shoot.” As the man continued running, Pukanic reportedly fired two warning shots in the air.

The attacker got rid of the gun which was later found by two passers-by under a parked car.

Police said they found bullet cases from Pukanic’s gun, while the attacker’s projectile ended in a nearby shop window, some 40-50 centimetres above ground. Police said they were confused since Pukanic claimed the attacker aimed at his head.

Pukanic said he did not recognise the shooter but gave a good description to police.

The Nacional magazine owner is considered an influential figure in Croatia but has been shrouded in controversy since his wife publicly accused him of beating her.

Pukanic denies the claims.

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