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Spanish newspaper El Pais unveils new look and philosophy

MADRID, Spain: Spain's top-selling newspaper, El Pais, unveiled a new design on Sunday with greater emphasis on photographs and graphics, a different typeface and the goal of being the world's leading Spanish-language daily.

The revamped look is the culmination of a 9-month project to overhaul the center-left newspaper that was founded in 1976, a year after the death of Gen. Francisco Franco.

El Pais has rearranged the order of the sections in its print edition, moving the economy section ahead of the editorial and opinion page, and adding a new one called 'Pantallas' (Screens), which focuses on the Internet and new technologies.

The relationship between the print and online editions will also change, with the former aiming to give more in-depth coverage of spot news handled by the latter, editor Javier Moreno said last week at a presentation.

El Pais has a daily circulation of about 430,000. It says about 10 percent of sales are in Latin America, and it wants to grow in that region by providing more country-specific coverage in the nations where it is sold.

The daily has changed its front-page slogan from "independent morning daily" to "the global newspaper in Spanish."

It also ended an orthographic oddity in which the title EL PAIS was always written without an accent over the letter "I" even though that word in Spanish — pais means country — does have an accent. Now, the accent is respected.

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