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China's non-communist party newspaper hails its 50th anniversary

The newspaper of Tuanjie, which means unity, celebrated its 50th anniversary on Friday. It was founded by China's non-communist party the Revolutionary Committee of Chinese Kuomintang.

First published in 1956, the Tuanjie newspaper was shut down during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976). It resumed publishing in 1980 and is sold overseas.

The paper, which later developed into the voice of non-communist parties, mainly reports on China's multi-party cooperation and political consultations with the governing Communist Party of China

Jia Qinglin, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, wrote a letter of congratulations to the paper. Jia called on the paper to make greater contributions to the multi-party cooperation and China's development.

Date posted: May 27, 2006 Last modified: May 23, 2018 Total views: 12