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International Press Institute names new director

The International Press Institute (IPI) has appointed IPI Deputy Director David Dadge as the new director of IPI. He will succeed Professor Johann P Fritz, who is retiring at the end of 2007.

Dadge (41) has worked at the IPI secretariat in Vienna, Austria, since April 2000 as the editor of the IPI World Press Freedom Review and the press freedom advisor for Africa. Dadge specialises in security, terrorism and press freedom issues, and is the author of a number of books on these subjects. Previously, he worked at the Centre for International Legal Studies in Salzburg.

The appointment of Dadge, who is from the United Kingdom, followed an extensive search involving more than 45 candidates.

"I was honoured to participate in this important process of appointing a new IPI Director. I strongly believe that David Dadge’s experience and expertise in press freedom issues will be of crucial value to the everyday work of the IPI community. Let me congratulate David and wish him great success in pursuing press freedom issues," said Piotr Niemczycki, IPI Chairman.

Following his appointment, Dadge said, "I am extremely proud to be appointed the IPI Director and I very much look forward to working with the IPI secretariat to continue the valuable work of my predecessor, Professor Fritz, and to ensure that the International Press Institute fulfils its mission of furthering and safeguarding press freedom across the globe."

"The decision by the IPI Board to name David Dadge as my successor proved that the Board Members have a deep insight and understanding of IPI’s needs and work style," said Professor Fritz.

"I am really pleased that a staff member with long experience and a good knowledge of the internal situation will now be at the helm of IPI. David has time and again done brilliant legal research and analysis of media laws and has a deep understanding of the many threats to press freedom nowadays. I trust that the international IPI community will render him full support in the manifold efforts of IPI to promote press freedom worldwide."

IPI Director Fritz has led IPI since 1992 when he brought the organisation to Vienna from London. During his 15 years as Director, Fritz has transformed the organisation into an authoritative network of representatives drawn from newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and news agencies. Throughout this period, he has staunchly defended press freedom around the world.

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