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ARCHIVES: Ethiopia

November 7, 2014

Ethiopian government's witchhunt against privately-owned media

At least six publications have had to close in recent months and around 30 journalists have fled abroad since the start of the year as a result of the biggest crackdown on the privately-owned press since 2005, one reflecting a government desire to make a clean sweep of independent media before parliamentary elections next May, local analysts say. In the latest development, Reporters Without Borders learned on November 1 that magazine editor Temesgen Desalegn has been transferred to a prison in... MORE
October 28, 2014

Ethiopian court sentences journalist to three years in prison

The Committee to Protect Journalists has cndemned Monday's sentencing of Ethiopian journalist Temesghen Desalegn to three years' imprisonment on charges of defamation and incitement that date back to 2012. A court in Addis Ababa, the capital, convicted Temesgen on October 13 in connection with opinion pieces published in the now-defunct Feteh news magazine, according to news reports. He was arrested the same day. Authorities have routinely targeted Temesghen for his writing. Temesghen's lawyer... MORE
October 16, 2014

Ethiopian authorities convict journalist in Addis Ababa

An Ethiopian court on Monday convicted journalist and magazine owner Temesghen Desalegn in connection with a 2012 defamation case, according to news reports and local journalists. The Federal High Court in the capital, Addis Ababa, found Temesghen guilty of incitement, defamation, and false publication in connection with a series of opinion pieces published in Feteh ("Justice"), the journalist's now-defunct weekly newsmagazine, according to local journalists' translation of the charge sheet... MORE
October 9, 2014

Three magazine owners in Ethiopia get long jail sentences

Ethiopia’s federal supreme court Tuesday sentenced three magazine owners in absentia to more than three years in prison on charges of “inciting violent revolts, printing and distributing unfounded rumours and conspiring to unlawfully abolish the constitutional system of the country.” The three, who fled the country when the prosecution was mooted, are Addis Guday publisher Endalkachew Tesfaye, Lomi publisher Gizaw Taye and Fact publisher Fatuma Nuriya . Their jail terms range from three years... MORE
August 1, 2014

Ethiopian photojournalist Aziza Mohamed held without charge

Addis Guday ("Addis Affairs") photojournalist Aziza Mohamed has been in custody for two weeks in Etiopia without charge. Police arrested Aziza on July 18 while she was covering Muslim protests near Anwar Mosque in the capital Addis Ababa, local journalists told the Committee to Protect Journalists. She is being held at the Addis Ababa police headquarters. Police investigators presented Aziza before the Kirkos First Bench Court today but requested further time for their probe before bringing... MORE
July 24, 2014

‘Journalists are not terrorists’, says FAJ to Ethiopia

The Federation of African Journalists (FAJ) today has insisted to Ethiopian Authorities that journalists are not terrorists following the warning by the Prime Minister to journalists to operate free from terrorists. According to the Ethiopian National Journalists Union (ENJU) a FAJ affiliate, Prime Minister Haile-Mariam Desalegn told a press conference Friday 18 July 2014 that Ethiopian Journalists should practice professional journalism and make sure they are not parroting the agenda of some... MORE
July 20, 2014

Ethiopia: Drop case against bloggers, journalists

The Ethiopian government should immediately drop politically motivated charges brought against 10 bloggers and journalists on July 17, 2014, under the country’s deeply flawed anti-terrorism law. The Ethiopian authorities arrested six of the bloggers and three journalists on April 25 and 26. They have been detained in Maekelawi, the Federal Police Crime Investigation Sector in Addis Ababa. The court charged the nine with having links to banned opposition groups and trying to violently overthrow... MORE
July 15, 2014

CPJ condemns closed court hearings for nine Ethiopian journalists

The Ethiopian government should end its politicised prosecution of nine Ethiopian journalists arrested in April, the Committee to Protect Journalists has demanded. The journalists and their lawyers were shut out of court room hearings in recent days. In hearings at the Arada First Instance Court in the capital Addis Ababa on Saturday and Monday, police said that they had wrapped up their investigation into the nine journalists--who were arrested on April 25 and 26--and referred the case for... MORE
May 29, 2014

Detained Ethiopian journalist Elias Nigatu must be released immediately

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today strongly condemned the additional seven days detention time given to police by an Ethiopian court to investigate the case of the journalist, Elias Nigatu , who has been held since 26 May. According to the IFJ affiliate, the Ethiopian National Journalists Union (ENJU), Nigatu, who writes for Enku magazine, was arrested for publishing a story that police said instigated violence and riots among students at Jimma university, located in... MORE
May 21, 2014

Detained journalists and bloggers in Ethiopia must be charged or released

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today severely criticised authorities in Ethiopia following the decision by a court to grant police nearly one more month to conduct investigations against the journalists and bloggers detained in the country last month. Three journalists and six bloggers were arrested on 25 and 26 April by police using an arrest warrant from a public prosecutor in Addis Ababa, the country’s capital city. The police on May 19 said that while the... MORE