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June 8, 2004

Govt to take legal recourse in IHT case

The government has decided to take the legal route in the International Herald Tribune (IHT) case. According to a representative of the information and broadcasting ministry, the government is ready to file a caveat in the Andhra Pradesh and Delhi high courts. This move would ensure that the government view is considered in case the printer of International Herald Tribune in India, Midram Publications, seeks a court stay. It is likely that the government would file the caveat on Tuesday,... MORE
June 5, 2004

Local Herald Tribune version violates norms, says Govt

The information and broadcasting ministry has taken the view that the printing of the International Herald Tribune in India violates the existing norms regarding the print media. It also thinks that the government has a strong case to ask the printers to stop publication of the newspaper. "This is a complete violation of the norms. Besides, the government was taken by surprise. The paper has kept us in the dark about this development. We are looking into it," said a senior representative of the... MORE
April 26, 2004

Publishers optimistic about niche magazines' future

The publishers are splashing optimistic colours on the canvas of niche magazine space. Cementing this fact is that large publishing houses and corporates alike are all eyeing this space in a big way. The launches of special interest magazines are tailored to fit the needs and desires of varied segments of the literate society. Infomedia India, the erstwhile Tata Infomedia from the Tata Group, Cyber Media and Jasubhai Digital Media have all been in this space for a long time. It is this strong... MORE
June 28, 2002

Life with FDI

As the dust settles on the Tuesday announcement by the Government of India to open the window to FDI in print, it's time to take a quick look at the scenario that is likely to emerge. But before that here is the implication of the June 25 announcement. What has the Government actually done? The Government has allowed 26 per cent foreign direct investment in the news and current affairs segment in the Indian media, and 74 per cent in the non-news, non-current affairs segment. For the record, the... MORE
May 27, 2002

Will radio cut into print?

Will radio cut into print? Conventional wisdom is that it will. But, as with most questions that conventional wisdom tries to answer, the truth is a bit more complex. First, the costs involved. For example, for a one-time insertion in The Times of India, Mumbai edition, the cost is Rs 1,600 per cc. A 52-cc ad works out to Rs 83,200. And TV rates are astronomical. According to STAR India, a 30-second prime time slot on STAR Plus costs between Rs 10-12 lakh. Now take radio. A 10-second slot on... MORE