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June 19, 2005

Sahara news rejigs personnel

MUMBAI: In line with the restructuring happening in the overall Sahara group's media business, the news segment too is undergoing changes with an endeavour to create synergy in the editorial line-up and several changes have been effected with effect from Friday. Rao Birendra Singh, who had been looking after Sahara Samay U.P (the Uttar Pradesh-specific news channel), has been elevated and given additional responsibilties of Sahara Samay Rashtriya, the national news channel. The mandate for him... MORE
June 2, 2005

Times Editor Elected President of World Editors Forum

George Brock, Managing Editor of The Times of London, has been elected President of the World Editors Forum, the global association dealing with issues of professional concern to senior news executives -- and the parent organization of this weblog. Mr Brock succeeds Gloria Brown Anderson of the New York Times. "WEF is the only global organisation devoted to raising and maintaining the quality of journalism in newsrooms," said Mr Brock. "In addition to joining in press freedom campaigns with the... MORE
May 21, 2005

Calactic empire

According to humorist George Mikes (pronounced Me-kaish) everyone is really Hungarian. I don't know about Hungarians, but everyone of my acquaintance – at least of my acquaintance in the media – is a Calcuttan, i.e. anyone born or brought up in, or with some connection to the city now referred to as Kolkata. This was brought home to me, literally, during my visit there last week. I met my fellow Kutchi and ex-colleague from The Statesman, Kishore Bhimani, who apart from being a journalist is... MORE
March 20, 2005

2005 Gatekeepers see diversity of India

In the world’s second most populous country, 12 senior U.S. editors and producers met with a wide cross-section of Indians, from the country’s prime minister to AIDS-infected commercial sex workers, from a billionaire CEO of a high-tech company to vendors in a low-income New Delhi market. The two-week trip to India in March 2005 sought to provide the editors with a broad view of the diversity of the country. The Gatekeepers began their trip in New Delhi, continued to Bombay and ended in... MORE
March 1, 2005

After Rupert

"What if Rupert is hit by a bus tomorrow?" That’s a question that recurs when the subject of Rupert Murdoch and the future of his global, Rube Goldberg empire comes up. What happens to News Corporation, the Brobdingnagian contraption he virtually willed into existence by the power of his ingenuity and his willingness to place huge, risky bets? More than any other media baron Murdoch is the walking, breathing incarnation of his company, which more than once has seemed a house of cards, and which... MORE
November 30, 2004

Barakzai Named International Editor of the Year 2004

A woman who founded an Afghan weekly focusing on women’s issues has been named "International Editor of the Year" by the US based publication Shukria Barekzai received the award, given to one editor outside of the US each year, as the editor-in-chief of Aina-e Zan, or "Women’s Mirror." Barekzai was honored for her courage, dedication to press freedon, and efforts to improve women’s lives in Afghanistan. Surprised that such a small publication dedicated to women’s issues won the... MORE
September 3, 2004

IFJ announces South Asian winners of its journalism prize

Two journalist from India and one from Sri Lanka are the winners of the 2004 Journalism for Tolerance Prize for South Asia, awarded by the International Federation of Journalists. The prize, supported by the European Commission, was created to promote tolerance, combat racism and discrimination and contribute to an understanding of cultural, religious and ethnic differences. Winners are selected in Latin America, Central and West Africa, East and Southern Africa, South and Southeast Asia. Cash... MORE