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ARCHIVES: Media - Internet

May 1, 2000

Which Way Will It Go?

THERE IS SOMETHING THAT'S still overwhelming about jumping on the Internet and opening up the enormous library that's online. Everyone has a personal site favorite. Mine is, which allows you to track every commercial airplane flight that's in the sky, in real time, on a map with altitude, air speed and estimated time of arrival. If that's not a gee-whiz, what is? Or how about the one--dmv. state. shows the average waiting time by hour and day of the week if you're a... MORE
March 1, 2000

The Critics: Internet

One of the dreams of the Internet was that it would allow almost anyone to become a publisher. It's debatable whether or not that dream will ever be meaningfully realized, but it certainly seems that anyone who ever wanted to be a media critic can now do it easily online. There are hundreds, and probably thousands of sites on the Internet that republish mainstream media snippets, often with comment and analysis. The better known Webzines, such as Slate and Salon, approach the task with familiar... MORE
March 1, 2000

The Dotcom Brain Drain

LIKE EVERY would-be entrepreneur, Nick Denton had an idea that kept him up late at night. Finally, tired of the usual 9-to-5, Denton quit his job two years ago and followed the herds into cyberspace. At 33, he's not looking back. "I only wish I had done this sooner, says Denton, an affable Brit. Of course he does. By the time you read this, Denton expects to have sold another chunk of his San Francisco-based company,, to venture capitalists. Projected selling price: somewhere... MORE
January 1, 2000

Going Live

EVERY MORNING CHARLIE Meyerson gets on the 5:30 train for his early commute into Chicago. He takes a seat, whips out his yellow highlighter and dives into the Chicago Tribune. Meyerson, a breaking news columnist with the Tribune's online edition, sifts through the paper looking for stories that can be updated during the day. By the time he gets to his desk on the fourth floor of the Tribune Tower, he is ready to review the wires, catch the TV and radio news, check in with other Tribune... MORE