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ARCHIVES: Citizen Journalism

February 10, 2007

AP looks at citizen journalism, ties up with NowPublic

News agency Associated Press has tied up with to bring citizen content into AP newsgathering and explore ways to involve NowPublic’s on-the-ground network of news contributors in AP's breaking news coverage. The goal of the effort is to expand the world’s access to news as it happens, the companies said in a press release Friday. In addition, it is designed to help NowPublic expand its rapidly growing network of worldwide contributors by exposing them to the opportunities they... MORE
February 7, 2007

Corporations Co-opt Citizen Journalism

Advertising forecasters predict double-digit growth for online media outlets in the new year. Traditional media, including television and newspapers, are slated for flat growth, at best, during 2007. We all know what this means. The big media companies are migrating to the Internet as fast as possible, simultaneously laying off workers and cutting budgets in their traditional broadcast and print operations. None of this comes as a surprise in the continuing transition from analog to digital... MORE
February 6, 2007

Cit-J sites are here to stay and for good, says study

Local news websites offering user-generated content are securing a valuable place in the media landscape and are likely to continue as important sources of community news, says a new report by US-based J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. The sites that really cook, such as Morris Publishing’s, combine a style of in-town social networking among neighbours who might cross paths if they had the time, with news and information sharing among posters who are informed,... MORE
January 26, 2007

Trinity Mirror launches ultra-local citizen journalism sites

Trinity Mirror has launched five citizen journalism micro-sites as a taster of what could become commonplace across the group's news websites. Michael Hill, Trinity's head of multimedia, speaking at the UCEBirmingham citizen journalism conference today, said that the five sites on the Teesside Gazette were launched at the start of the year. He said 20 volunteers have already agreed to contribute to the sites, which are grouped around postcode areas in Middlesborough. Mr Hill added that 18 more... MORE
January 15, 2007

For Local News Site, Model Just Didn't Click

When it launched its first Web sites a year and a half ago, Backfence held the promise of creating a collection of virtual town squares. By letting residents post news about their communities, it joined the emerging citizen journalism movement and was the first such start-up to land a sizable amount of money from private investors who shared its vision. Now Vienna-based Backfence has lost three executives, including its co-founder, and is struggling to reinvent its business model to stay afloat... MORE
January 13, 2007

Citizen journalism flexes its muscles

From his slurred babbling to his dumbstruck appearance, every sign of High Court Judge Nkola Motata's alleged inebriation was captured for posterity - not by a journalist, but by a member of the public using a cellphone. Motata's case is a classic example of citizen journalism, in which ordinary members of the public take on the role of journalists, and cover an unfolding story themselves. Their amateur efforts, recorded as events unfold rather than after the fact, often have immense impact... MORE
November 7, 2006

Gannett announces 'citizen journalism'

MCLEAN, Va., Nov. 7 (UPI) -- The largest newspaper chain in the United States, Gannett Co., based in McLean, Va., has said it will incorporate "citizen journalism" into its papers. The company, which publishes USA Today, the Des Moines Register, the Fort Myers (Fla.) News-Press and other papers, said it would also begin searching for stories at online discussion forums and create online calendar listings, among additional non-news utilities, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The company... MORE
June 16, 2006

INMA's CitJ guide meant to help newspaper execs

It was the tsunami of December 24, 2004 which opened the floodgates. For the first time, accounts of a major news event authored by citizens with no professional journalism experience not only made front page news or headlining nightly broadcasts, they achieved recognition in the news industry and the world-at-large as valid and credible sources. HANDBOOK ON CITIZENS: The report examines common examples of citizen journalism at today's newspapers, including blogs, citizen reporters, and... MORE
June 14, 2006

Yahoo wants citizen journalism

Yahoo News, one of the world’s most popular news aggregation sites, plans to launch a citizen video-journalist news service at the end of June that will act as a collection and publication site for news videos generated by the public. Sources involved in discussions with Yahoo News said the project, which has been in development for months, will introduce an upload capability that will take the PC out of the connectivity loop, so amateur video journalists can upload footage directly from the... MORE
May 25, 2006

CNN-IBN, IDEA join to empower public with CitJ

New Delhi: In a move that will strengthen the public forum Citizen Journalist, that CNN-IBN provides to the citizens of India, IDEA cellular has joined hands with the channel and will enable the masses to use their mobile platform to report news of all genres- sports, general interest and entertainment. People can now report news items of importance from various parts of the country by sending in an SMS, MMS (CJ to 2622) or simply calling in a story, which will be verified by the editorial team... MORE