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February 26, 2007

Yahoo sees gain from new ad system - comScore

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Yahoo Inc.'s new online search advertising system has increased the number of people who click on links that pay the Web media company money, a research firm said on Monday. Data collected by Internet usage measuring firm comScore Networks showed that the number of Yahoo search users who clicked on ads -- known as the click-through rate -- rose 5 percent in the first week after the new system's debut and 9 percent in the second week. Clicks on sponsored links as a... MORE
February 23, 2007

Political bloggers fear publicists will infiltrate sites

WASHINGTON -- Erick Erickson has been running the popular blog long enough to know what his readers' postings sound like: red-meat conservative rhetoric served up with a little dash of populist anger. So when postings from an unknown writer on the site showed up praising Senator John McCain -- one of the site's least-popular Republicans for his deviations from hard-core conservative orthodoxy -- Erickson thought he smelled a rat. Or maybe a sock puppet, shill, or a troll -- Web... MORE
February 22, 2007

German Journalism Practice Raises Censorship Question

When it comes to the fight for journalistic integrity, decisive battles are not often played out on the field of the celebrity interview. But recent events led a German pop culture and lifestyle magazine to take a stand on what has become a standard practice in the German press: allowing a subject to a chance to "authorize" -- and often revise -- an interview before it appears in print. 'Shocked and stunned' For the February issue of youth and lifestyle glossy U_mag, writer Volker Sievert sat... MORE
February 22, 2007

Advertising: Pushing the Industry to Learn How to Count

IF the 20th century was known in marketing circles as the advertising century, the 21st may be the advertising measurement century. Marketers are increasingly focused on the effectiveness of their pitches, trying to figure out the return on investment for ad spending. That is spurring most of the major media — along with many large research companies like Arbitron, Nielsen and Taylor Nelson Sofres — to improve the methods by which they measure audiences. The ability of newer digital media to... MORE
February 20, 2007

Newspapers, Local TV Sites Embrace Training for Online Media Sales

Sometimes simply being in the trenches isn't enough to keep up with an industry, especially when one is battling for users and advertisers in the ever-morphing local media business. Newspaper publishers and local TV outlets know it. Now some are transferring their staffers out of the school of hard knocks and sending them back to the books. Ninety editorial and sales people from Lee Enterprises papers trudged through the tundra-like climate of Davenport, Iowa recently to attend the publisher's... MORE
February 13, 2007

Ads get seamier as UK papers jostle for online audience

It seems all’s fair in the newspaper war over UK’s online audience. Newspapers are stretching advertising limits, and not everyone is liking it. The complainant said that the poster advertisement, which is part of a campaign to promote last week's launch of the new-look Times Online, was “irresponsible” and should not be shown where it can be seen by children. An ad for the new Times Online website featuring a woman in a bra with money stuffed into her cleavage could soon be investigated by the... MORE
February 11, 2007

UAE advertising expenditure crosses $1 billion in 2006

(MENAFN) A study by the Pan Arab Research Centre (Parc), advertising spending in the UAE surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time to reach $1.06 billion, compared to $869 million in 2005, Khaleej Times reported. The study said that communication and public utilities accounted for the largest percentage of ad spend. According to the study, the UAE topped the GCC and near region for advertising spend with a raise of 22 pe cent in the 12 months to December. Saudi Arabia was the second most... MORE
February 10, 2007

US advertisers concerned about ad stats and web metrics

US Internet advertising revenues may have grown more than 30 per last year, but many corporate advertisers and advertising agencies are concerned that their online ad impressions may not be properly counted. Respondents indicated two areas where audited Web metrics are useful: 91 per cent said it's important to audit ad impressions and delivery, while 89 per cent felt it's important to verify website traffic. The new media may benefit from audits. The voice of concern comes through a recent... MORE
February 7, 2007

Most US advertisers now spending on new media: survey

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nearly 90 percent of all U.S. companies polled in a new study will use part of their marketing budgets to advertise in new media like video games or virtual communities. The survey by the American Advertising Federation underscores the shift in advertising spending away from television, magazines and, particularly, newspapers, which have suffered badly from declining circulation as more media choices have become available. Concluding that "traditionally staid media... MORE
February 1, 2007

How PR ploys fill the Pentagon's recruiting quotas

Increasing "the ranks of our military" is "one of the first steps we can take together" to "position America to meet every challenge that confronts us," said President Bush in last week's State of the Union address. "Tonight I ask the Congress to authorize an increase in the size of our active Army and Marine Corps by 92,000 in the next five years." The 92,000 figure was put forward by Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who told the Senate Armed Services Committee on January 12 that more troops... MORE