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April 19, 2007

Classified ad decline weighs on US newspapers

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A sharp drop in classified advertising sales brought on by free Internet listings and a cooling real estate market helped push U.S. newspaper publishers' financial results lower in the first quarter. Gannett Co. Inc., New York Times Co. and Journal Register Co. reported drops in revenue and profit on Thursday, while Tribune Co. and Media GeneralInc. both swung to losses from a year earlier. "The theme here is severe, almost unprecedented declines in classified advertising,... MORE
April 5, 2007

Online experiment for print magazine

READERS of a weekly newsmagazine will soon be getting a bonus issue, but they will miss it if they look in mailboxes or on newsstands. The magazine, The Week, will publish the extra issue online, rather than in its regular printed format. The special issue will feature articles on the environment — hence the decision to spare trees by publishing it just on the Internet ( “Bringing our readers an extra issue in a digital format echoes the environmental issues we’re trying to... MORE
April 5, 2007

Newspapers' online classified nets drive traffic

NEWSPAPERS' ONLINE CLASSIFIED AD NETWORKS are booming in the first quarter of 2007, and is leading the way, with all-time highs of 9 million unique visitors and 15 million total visits in March--the latter representing 17% growth over the previous month. What's more, the visits weren't just casual browsing. A record number of visitors contacted car dealers during that period, with email and phone leads jumping 20% over the same period in 2005. A collaboration between the Tribune... MORE
April 3, 2007

Mideast scribes bombarded with press releases: Survey

Doha • An interesting survey conducted recently among journalists in the Middle East have shown their varying attitudes towards the daily press releases they are getting from public relations agencies in the region. The online poll, conducted jointly by Insight and MediaSource, canvassed the opinions of 139 journalists working for Arabic and English-language newspapers and magazines in the UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, covering topics ranging from press releases, press... MORE
April 3, 2007

US newspaper industry launches campaign to lure advertisers

The Newspaper Associaiton of America (NAA) has launched a trade campaign with the simultaneous publication of print and online ads that communicate to advertisers the value of the engaged audience delivered by today’s newspapers in all their forms. With the tagline, “Newspaper: The Multi-Medium,” the campaign communicates to media planners and buyers that the brand power, content and credibility of newspaper media — from print and online to niche publications and wireless products — serve the... MORE
April 2, 2007

US newspapers press for more positive image

NEW YORK (Reuters) - The U.S. newspaper industry is pressing hard to show advertisers that its products are worth every dollar despite bleak financial forecasts, with data released on Monday showing a rise in Web site visitors. The number of unique visitors per month to U.S. newspaper Web sites rose 15 percent to 57.3 million, or a third of all Internet users, in the second half of 2006, the Newspaper Association of America said on Monday, citing data from measurement company Nielsen/NetRatings... MORE
March 26, 2007

US: Drop in ad revenue raises tough question for newspapers

For newspapers, February was the cruelest month. So far. Revenue from advertising was in striking decline last month, compared with February a year ago, and were generally weaker than analysts had expected. And while there was one piece of good news for the industry — ad spending on newspaper Web sites rose — many industry watchers were wondering whether the February declines were part of a short-term slump or whether they signal a deepening systemic problem. “I’m reluctant to say that a single... MORE
March 12, 2007

Newspapers and radio find unlikely ally in Google

NEW YORK ( -- Maybe it's no surprise that Google's effort to help small and medium-size advertisers buy offline media such as newspaper space and radio spots appears to be working. What is surprising, however, is that the newspaper and radio folks aren't sounding the least bit spooked by it. In fact, Google may have finally built what years of complaining by media-buying agencies couldn't: a viable, scalable, e-business approach to buying local media. Early success If the early... MORE
March 12, 2007

Newspapers can still make the best from classifieds, says INMA report

Despite stiff online competition, the Internet is being increasingly seen by many as the saviour of newspapers’ classified advertising business. Advertisers will soon want more from an advertisement than the few lines of text that a Google spot can give. And, there is evidence that newspapers can be competitive players in the online classifieds game, says a new report by a leading newspaper marketing organisation. The INMA study breaks down Internet trends threatening the traditional newspaper... MORE
March 5, 2007

Editorial Intelligence: Hobsbawm learns the lesson of trying to play matchmaker

Less than a year ago, Julia Hobsbawm's fledgling business Editorial Intelligence (EI) was attacked in the press for the audacity of its concept, which was to create a "bridge" between the two sparring worlds of public relations and journalism. Some journalists thought it compromised them to have a formal relationship with commercially driven people from the land of the dark arts. So they took an axe to Hobsbawm's metaphorical bridge. Various high-profile members of EI's advisory board took... MORE