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June 17, 2009

US newspaper industry expected to lose $25 billion by 2013: PwC

The newspaper industry in North America will shed some $13 billion in revenue by 2013, Editor & Publisher has reported quoting new research from PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC). The losses are expected to stem mainly from a drain in print advertising revenue. Total newspaper advertising will fall by a cumulative 32.7% during the next three years, according to the latest PriceWaterhouse Global Entertainment and Media Outlook: 2009-2013 report. Only in 2012 will advertising start to reverse,... MORE
January 23, 2009

Google too gives up, to halt ads programme for newspapers from February 28

Google plans to halt its Print Ads programme on February 28 because the initiative to help newspapers make more money in online advertising sales is not working. The programme, first announced in late 2006, was designed to help newspapers find more ways to make money from Internet ad sales at a time when their print ad sales were falling. "We weren't providing a meaningful revenue impact to our newspaper partners so we are focusing our efforts on how we can do that quickly and effectively using... MORE
December 8, 2008

Print advertising melts down in November

Newspapers’advertising volume drops 60 per cent in the first week of November, says a Business Standard report. If AdEX data on advertising volume between 1st and 7th November is any indication, print media advertising (in column cms) has fallen by a dramatic 60 per cent from its peak during the Diwali week. The daily reported: [ Link ] LV Krishnan, CEO of TAM Media that owns the advertising monitoring division AdEX, declines to share figures for the rest of the month as he claims the data is... MORE
October 14, 2008

US economic crisis catches up with newspapers, online ad revenues down

The US economic crisis is beginning to hit its newspaper industry. After 17 back-to-back quarters of ballooning growth, online revenue at newspaper sites is falling, the New York Times has reported. In the second quarter this year, it was down 2.4 per cent compared with last year, to $777 million, according to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). It was the only year-over-year drop since the group began measuring online revenue in 2003. Some excerpts from the Times report: Large papers... MORE
September 22, 2008

World newspaper industry braces up for another showdown with Google

The world newspaper industry is heading for another showdown with Google. The Paris-based World Association of Newspapers (WAN) has asked competition authorities in Europe and North America to block the advertising agreement between Google and Yahoo on anti-competitive grounds. The deal, WAN insists, would have a negative impact on the advertising revenues that the search giants provide to newspaper and other websites, and on the cost of paid search advertising. WAN, which represents 77... MORE
June 11, 2008

Google research shows newspaper advtg drives web traffic consumer purchasing

Among people who research products and services after seeing them advertised in newspapers, two-thirds (67 per cent) use the Internet to find more information. Of that group, nearly 70 per cent of consumers actually make a purchase following their additional research. A study commissioned by Google, conducted by Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo shows that consumers trust ads appearing in newspapers, and many times look at both newspapers and the Internet to evaluate and make purchases, the... MORE
March 28, 2008

Online newspaper ad spending up 19 pct in 2007

Advertising expenditures for newspaper websites in the United States increased by 18.8 per cent to $3.2 billion in 2007, according to preliminary estimates from the Newspaper Association of America (NAA). Spending on newspaper websites has now grown to account for 7.5 per cent of all newspaper ad spending last year (up from 5.7 per cent in 2006). For last year’s fourth quarter, advertising expenditures for newspaper websites increased by 13.6 per cent to $847 million versus the same period a... MORE
March 22, 2008

Yahoo Newspaper Alliance joins QuadrantONE ad network

Several top US newspaper publishers will devote online advertising space to a new network that wants to make it easier to place ads on hundreds of newspapers' websites at a time, says a Reuters report. The network, quadrantONE, said it will get space from 138 sites and represent more than 250 newspapers. Publishers joining the network include AH Belo Corp, McClatchy Co, Media General Inc and EW Scripps Co. Also joining the network will be Cox Communications, which publishes the Atlanta Journal... MORE
November 13, 2007

Advertisers leery of TV strike fallout

NEW YORK (AP) — As the Hollywood writers strike enters a second week, advertisers are worrying it could seriously disrupt the TV schedule — and the number of eyeballs viewing their ads — in coming months. So far, the strike has forced only late-night talk and comedy shows into reruns, since their material must be freshly scripted every day. But when marquee shows like "The Office," "Desperate Housewives" and "24" halted production, the supply of ready-to-air prime-time hits came under threat —... MORE
October 12, 2007

Ad dollars flood Web, but will they go far enough?

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Companies will spend a record $31 billion this year to advertise everything from toothpaste to home loans on the Internet, supporting countless news sites, social networks, video exchanges and blogs. But some media veterans worry that expectations for online advertising may be getting out-sized. Increasingly, they say, too much media depends on advertising as the only source of revenue. With new players from software makers to cable operators also trying to cash in, the... MORE