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April 11, 2008

IPL, or Indian Photography League?

Over the past few days, a major controversy has erupted over the terms and conditions set by the Indian Premier League (IPL), particularly with reference to the prohibition on use of photographs taken by media organizations at sporting events hosted by the IPL. Various media organizations such as the Editors’ Guild of India (EGI) the Sports Journalists’ Federation of India (SJFI) and the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) had objected to the terms of the IPL following which the IPL had assured the... MORE
March 18, 2008

Some light in darkest year for journalists

The first anniversary of a landmark UN Security Council call for an end to the killing of journalists worldwide has passed—and the deaths continue to rise. The International News Safety Institute (INSI) counted 171 news media fatalities in 2007, outstripping the previous record of 168 set in 2006. Indeed, each year since the millennium has set new levels in blood. What is happening? On December 8, Gerardo Israel Garcia Pimentel, a 24-year-old reporter for the Mexican newspaper La Opinion , was... MORE