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Archives 2005-1014: Features

Iran allows journalist for US-funded radio to leave country
Sep 5, 2007
Two men get life for Haitian journalist Jacques Roche's murder
Sep 1, 2007
Lankan journalists march against intimidation, defence reporter remains in hiding
Sep 1, 2007
DRC: Friends sentenced to death by military tribunal for UN radio journalist's murder
Aug 30, 2007
Iranian-American journalist faces new charge in Iran
Aug 29, 2007
Korean newspapers warn of people's resistance against media controls
Aug 28, 2007
Yemeni editor abducted, severely beaten up gunmen over article critical of President Saleh
Aug 28, 2007
Azerbaijani Supreme Court upholds editor's prison sentence over defamation
Aug 25, 2007
Journalist missing in Ivory Coast was murdered, says witness
Aug 24, 2007
Paraguay: Journalist who wrote about crime and drugs gunned down
Aug 24, 2007
Kenyan president dismisses draconian bill compelling disclosure of sources
Aug 24, 2007
TV is taking a backseat as primary media device: IBM study
Aug 23, 2007
BBC's elimination from Russian airwaves signals clampdown on foreign media
Aug 20, 2007
Kenyan journalists protest media bill compelling disclosure of sources
Aug 17, 2007
Mexican soldiers assaulted, abused reporters covering a drug raid
Aug 15, 2007
DR Congo TV journalists released after 15 days in detention
Aug 15, 2007
Two Guinean newspaper directors handed suspended prison terms for defamation
Aug 15, 2007
Portugal President vetoes statute that threatened journalists' rights
Aug 14, 2007
Detained Uzbek journalist’s health declines in psychiatric hospital
Aug 14, 2007
Eritrean state media journalist goes missing
Aug 14, 2007
Prominent photojournalist gunned down in DR Congo
Aug 12, 2007
Recent attacks on journalists in Somalia
Aug 12, 2007
Malaysia continues to harass bloggers, says RSF
Aug 10, 2007
Russian actions erode press freedom, echo Soviet era: WAN
Aug 9, 2007
Outspoken US editor gunned down in broad daylight, targeted killing suspected
Aug 3, 2007
New Russian legislation on extremism will muzzle critical voices
Aug 1, 2007
Azerbaijan is an iron cage for journalists
Jul 23, 2007
Flagrant abuse of journalist rights in Morocco as hope of monarch’s intervention fades
Jul 23, 2007
Malaysia bans media debate on constitution, law and religion
Jul 23, 2007
New report shows freedom of expression in Tajikistan is under threat
Jul 23, 2007
Journalist resurfaces 17 months after being abducted
Jul 17, 2007
El Salvdor president promises to look into case of journalist jailed for "terrorism"
Jul 13, 2007
Latest Russian legislation on extremism poses new threat to press freedom
Jul 12, 2007
Gabon bans satirical tabloid for criticising President Bongo
Jul 4, 2007
Iran court hears appeal on reopening probe into Canadian journalist's death
Jul 3, 2007
Arroyo a dismal failure in protecting journalists in the Philippines
Jun 29, 2007
Woman journalist targeted by state, criminals alike in Mexico
Jun 28, 2007
CPJ urges UN to re-examine accreditation policy
Jun 21, 2007
Attacks on female journalists in conflict-ridden areas are increasing
Jun 13, 2007
IPI retains all countries on its Watch List, decision on Lanka in Nov
May 23, 2007
Azerbaijan frames fresh charges against jailed journalist
May 23, 2007
Concern in Pakistan as Supreme Court threatens to stifle news coverage
May 11, 2007
Defamation suits creating an environment of self-censorship in Southern Africa
May 5, 2007
Gambia charges US-based journalist with sedition
Apr 8, 2007
Gambia arrests US-based renegade journalist
Apr 2, 2007
Saudi Arabia opens doors to Israeli journalist for first time
Mar 29, 2007
Deutsche Welle reporter faces legal charges in Uzbekistan
Mar 27, 2007
Jordan drops clause on journo arrests from draft press law
Mar 23, 2007
Violence erupts over sacking of Chief Justice, Pak bans news show
Mar 16, 2007
Russian journalist who died in fall probed Putin defence deal
Mar 7, 2007