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Archives 2005-1014: Features

Impunity and callous indifference remain threats as new wave of killings wipes out optimism
Feb 9, 2009
Mumbai Roundup: More dailies, less credibility; more job opportunities, less in-depth stories
Feb 7, 2009
Freedom retreated in much of the world in 2008, reveals Freedom House annual report
Jan 15, 2009
Somalia remained a precarious and perilous place for journalists all through 2008
Jan 13, 2009
Security and press laws being used by Iran to repress Kurdish freedom of expression
Jan 9, 2009
Safety of journalists remains prime concern in DRC, self-censorship holds sway
Jan 9, 2009
Number of newspaper websites in US offering user-generated content doubled up in 2008
Jan 6, 2009
Threats, physical attacks, fatwas continue against journalists in Pakistan's tribal areas
Jan 5, 2009
Press freedom situation in Jammu and Kashmir
Dec 27, 2008
Anniversary of ARTICLE 19
Dec 22, 2008
Press freedom scenario in Bangladesh
Dec 22, 2008
Iraq remains most dangerous for journalists, India now fourth after Mexico and Pakistan
Dec 22, 2008
Media coverage of car crashes may be a health hazard, cause more harm than good
Dec 21, 2008
For sixth straight year Iraq is the deadliest nation for journalists, says CPJ annual report
Dec 19, 2008
Despite advances in press freedom, Jordan's negative attitude towards media hasn't changed
Dec 18, 2008
New Mexico campaign to protect journalists addresses public, seeks end to impunity
Dec 16, 2008
Impunity plummets to a new low as Ingushetia court says custodial death is not murder
Dec 13, 2008
Seven years after Haitian radio journalist’s murder, seven convicted killers still at large
Dec 13, 2008
Majority of African journalists are detained without charge
Dec 13, 2008
As slowdown goes Down Under, heads begin to roll in Australian newspaper industry
Dec 13, 2008
As anger rises over journalist's arrest and humiliation, Sarkozy talks of changing libel laws
Dec 8, 2008
Council of Europe criticised for adopting "second-rate" treaty on access to information
Dec 8, 2008
If anything, 'war on terror' has only adversely affected freedom of expression in Europe
Dec 8, 2008
As the high voltage drama raged on in Mumbai, they became hooked to terror, 24/7
Dec 6, 2008
Draft amendments to Kazakh laws a small step forward, but offer no path to real change
Dec 5, 2008
Online journalists now most jailed worldwide, China remains leader in imprisoning scribes
Dec 4, 2008
Kenya proposes draconian broadcasting law for regulating news media content
Dec 2, 2008
Journalists facing increased physical threats and harassment in Southeast Europe
Nov 30, 2008
Anti-terrorism law in Swaziland an excuse to suppress freedom of expression
Nov 30, 2008
Nepal: Series of attacks hints at "sustained and deliberate assault on freedom of expression"
Nov 30, 2008
Foreign journalists fight ban, Israeli ministries at loggerheads over entry into Gaza Strip
Nov 26, 2008
Zambia sees rise in media freedom violations during presidential by-election
Nov 14, 2008
Repression in Tibet continues, foreign media still unable to investigate, says RSF
Nov 14, 2008
Newsmedia will see chaos in 2009, and in chaos will be opportunity: INMA report
Nov 7, 2008
Bombing of two prominent journalists threatens Croatia’s bid to join European Union
Nov 5, 2008
Yahoo News is still the preferred online news source among Indian Internet users
Oct 28, 2008
Azerbaijan President Aliyev continues to dominate state media’s electoral coverage
Oct 14, 2008
Tunisia greets international friends, silences critics at home
Oct 9, 2008
World newspaper industry braces up for another showdown with Google
Sep 22, 2008
Malayasia falls back on draconian security Act to silence journalists and bloggers
Sep 22, 2008
Website owner’s last words to his editor: “Roza, they are taking me away”
Sep 7, 2008
Journalists, photographers in Malaysia lack protection
Sep 5, 2008
Mexico: Report on press freedom warns of "shocking culture of impunity" and violence
Aug 25, 2008
Still no word, five years after Egyptian editor disappeared
Aug 14, 2008
Somalia: Six-month survey finds journalists in the line of fire, press freedom muzzled
Aug 1, 2008
International arrests of citizen bloggers more than triple in last five years
Jun 24, 2008
President’s signature on Kyrgyz broadcast law puts many media outlets under threat
Jun 19, 2008
Press freedom under attack from all sides in Morocco, promises not kept
Jun 19, 2008
Italian journalists have been under attack from the mafia for 40 years
Jun 19, 2008
CPJ says 82 journalists fled homes in the last year; Iraq and Somalia hardest hit
Jun 19, 2008